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Mission Statement

National Black Wall Street
Chicago, (NBWSC) NFP is organized for the community welfare in general, with emphasis placed on identifying, collecting, disseminating, publicizing and preserving information and materials related to any/all aspects of consumer education and consumer action, which supports capacity building and entrepreneurial ship, building credit, gaining access to capital and other activities necessary to create, sustain and increase black business.


The spirit of National Black Wall Street Chicago originated in the historic community of Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma, during the early 20th Century.

Greenwood was known as one of the most successful and wealthiest African American communities in the United States during the 1920s. It was popularly known as America's "Black Wall Street" until the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921.

The riot was one of the most devastating race riots in history and it destroyed the once thriving Greenwood community.

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 Mission Statement & History
 Consumer Education & Action
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NBWSC Consumer Education and Consumer Action Project

With a Trillion Dollar consumer spending power in the Black community, the WORK and COMMITMENT continues to bring more of that money back to the Black community!!! NBWSC Consumer Education and Consumer Action Project is reviving the grassroots operations of consumer clubs, started by Dr. King's SCLC, Operation Breadbasket, in connection with the spirit and example of the original, Black Wall Street of Tulsa.

We teach the principles of how a community uses its own consumer spending power to keep more slices of its own bread (money), channeled to its own community, financial institutions to sustain and increase community owned businesses, jobs, and other institutions.

In addition, we work to conduct direct action on major corporations who violate the moral authority of a community, by attempting to exist and do business in the community and make profits without engaging in financial partnerships with the existing businesses and service providers of those communities.

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Mr. Mark S. Allen, NBWSC Chairman Urges Us to Act Now...

National Black Wall Street Chicago commemorates June 1st, 1921, the date that destroyed 35 city blocks of the original, Black Wall Street Of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This historic black community contained over 600 Black owned and operated businesses.

Today National Black Wall Street Chicago is committed to continuing the spirit and example of the original Black Wall Street.

We are committed to stop the violence caused by the desperate, economic conditions and to rebuild the black community with the knowledge that we have obtained on how to use our own community consumer spending power to sustain and increase community businesses, jobs, and institutions.

To learn more and get involved with the National Black Wall Street Chicago movement, contact us today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mark S. Allen, Chairman & COO
National Black Wall Street Chicago
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